“It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s what you do when you get up”. We’ve all heard this quote we try to always be strong and keep fighting the good fight, but as we all know its easier said than done.

I know about set backs as much as anyone and the past few weeks has reminded me I am no diffrent than anyone else. As mentioned in an earlier article, I’ve struggled with Crohns disease for 13 years. Now I’ve done what all my Doctors said I wouldn’t and for that I’m grateful. It’s an uphill climb with my weight and health everyday but the last 3 years I’ve won more days than not.

I was getting ready for my second Men’s physique show coming up Nov 2nd. Body was bigger than my first show, trained like a beast then started dieting down 14 weeks out and way ahead of schedule, due to what I learned the first time around. About 6 weeks out I started feeling some belly pains and knew where that was going. Long story short in a 8 day period I lost almost 13lbs. Which is way too much too fast. Sick, upset and tired of dealing with Crohns I just let my body do what it was going to do and hope it stopped soon. The 9th day it finally calmed down and I could assess the damage. 10 months of grueling training session, eating when I couldn’t and dieting for 10 weeks all gone in 8 days. Needless to say I am not able to do the show and this time really hurts cause I trianed much harder than the first show.


Mentally I know its not my grit or will that makes or breaks my progress. But I also know I can’t ever lay down when this happens. As hard as it is I am back in the gym starting from zero yet again. For me to gain what I lost it will literally take 7-9

months of intense weight training and forced eating.

We all have our personal battles some worse than others. No matter how hard it is or how bad it hurts you can’t stop trying. The human will is much stronger than people believe if your heart is in it. So to go back to where this post started when you get knocked down,  you WILL get up, and you WILL try harder than before you went down. In life, in sport, in everything you do. Success is a choice, a choice only we can make.


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