If you’re serious about building muscle or losing weight then utilizing a weight training log to record nearly every aspect of your weight training routine will allow you to monitor your progress, evaluate your overall weight training approach, and determine whether you are on schedule to achieve each of your personal goals.  Writing down your workouts provides you with a record of what you’ve done allowing you to then can go back and review what you did so that you can increase weight and/or see improvement.  It’s not uncommon to see someone walking around the gym with a notebook and pen.  Here’s what they’re writing and what you should be writing:  


* Each exercise performed, usually divided by muscle group
* The number of sets, repetitions, and the amount of weight used for each set * The duration of each workout * The physical measurements of each muscle group (i.e. chest, biceps, waist, upper legs)
* Body weight
* Percentage of body fat
* Dietary intake (food, calories, amount of fat, carbs, and protein)  

Some of these items, like measurements, body weight, and body fat, are not taken every day but will be included in the log each time they are measured.   Don’t Feel Like Writing It Down?   If you don’t feel like writing it down or don’t want to carry a notebook around with you, don’t fear, there’s an app for that.


 Now there are a ton of apps out there to help you out.  I personally like Gym Hero.  It’s easy and user friendly.  It allows quick entering of exercises, reps, and weight.  It tracks the length of the workout and keeps track from workout to workout.  But look around there are tons of them out there.  If you google weight training logs, you’ll also find printable logs as well.  Investigate your options and find something that works for you.  Once you start keeping a journal you’ll begin to see more progress and not spend less time standing around trying to remember what you did last time.  


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