Myths about Gym Rats, Meatheads & Fit Chics


I am a definitely a “Gym rat” or in some senses of the word a “Meathead”. I go to the gym everyday, I train with an intensity that is nothing short of grueling. I train with others that have the same philosophy,  train as often and as hard as you possibly can. Not to pat myself on the back but I have built a body many will never have. I’ve put more hours in the gym than some have spent at their jobs. I train with woman that make some guys seem like sissies. And it never fails people look at us like we are out of our freakin minds….



We’ve all been in the gym, new, not sure what to do or how to do it. Looking around intimidated by the people in the gym that have built a fit, strong body. Looking at them like they are from another planet. Not in all cases but more times than not stereotyping people without ever saying a word to them. There is a huge misconception people have of people in better than average shape. Meatheads are airheads, gym rats are one dimensional and fit chics….well, are stuck up bitches. Excuse my language, just shooting from the hip here. Not only is it awful to think this of anyone, its a huge loss on your part not becoming friendly if the chance arose.



Now I am not saying there aren’t idiots out there self absorbed and shallow, but for the most part many are just really into fitness or bodybuilding.  Most of the people I know (and I know a lot) that are serious about fitness are the smartest most educated people I know. The science, time and dedication it takes to achieve optimal fitness levels is nothing short of genius. This is no longer a game for idiots who like to pick things up and put them down. This is a game for people who understand physiology, basic chemistry,  nutrition,  biology, and proper body mechanics.  Not sure about you that doesn’t sound unintelligent to me at all. And if thats not enough, personality is a main ingredient for anyone trying to reach the upper echelon of fitness.



Respect people on any level. More so the ones that are doing or have done what you want to do. Im not saying walk up to someone at the gym like a crazy person and befriend them. I am saying don’t judge, observe and introduce yourself. I am confident whoever it is will be more than happy to casually say hello, answer questions or point you in the right direction.(as long as you don’t become a pain in the butt) I know everyone at the gym I go to, I answer questions if need be and I dont act like Im better in anyway. Why? Cause I’m not judging you for being overweight, skinny, exercising wrong or any other reason. We are all in the trenches together for 1-2 hours a day, lets all just get along and get it done together, making the gym a positve, productive place.



3 thoughts on “Myths about Gym Rats, Meatheads & Fit Chics

  1. I’d love to say that people don’t judge based purely on looks but it is sad to say that you are right, most people do believe these stereotypes, as well as the fat = lazy, skinny = anorexic etc ones.

    I agree with you completely, most of the time these steroetypes are a pile of crap used by people who can’t be bothered to find out what a person is really like before they label them.

    A person will always make a snap judgement when they first meet / see someone it is a human way of relating and we can’t help it…the important thing is not to rigidly believe that this snap judgement is right! It is always worth taking the time to find out about the real person.

    I know too many people now who are different to the stereotypes to pay them any attention whatsoever! It is nice to hear I am not the only one.

    • You are def not the only one. I take pride in being a positive advocate for “gym rats”. We all pay the same amount for our memberships, we all have the right right to be there. Good comment Ice Badger, Keep doing what your doing!! Hard work ALWAYS pays off

      • 😀 thank you, you are dead right about hard work, it is the only way and it is already paying off, my fitness, shape and strength have changed so much already 😀

        everyone has a right to be in the gym and not judged for being there 🙂

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