Well its Friday last day of the work week and for most the last gym day of the week. Friday to me is usually a utility day. A day I will make up a missed body part or a combo of a few exercises to really beat my body before a two day rest. Like most people I only have time to really hit one body part a day. And although I change the days up its pretty much a redundant schedule. But a schedule that needs to be kept nevertheless.

Power Intervals


I like to take one day a week and do a workout way out of the box. Combine exercises that wouldn’t necessarily be done together and really smash my body for the day. Training like this does a few things. One, is it
confuses your body. Two, is some compound movements release an endorphin in your body telling your body to over perform, and when paired with “regular” exercises the pump and intensity doubles. Three, if you want to grow or lose you have to lift heavier weights or do more reps than the time before along with try to hit every muscle fiber in your body in some way. And lastly you will burn fat and calories at a much higher rate given the intensity of the program.

The Workout


Here are a few things I like to put together for my typical utility

I like to set up bars/dumbbells with my 50% max
Do all three exercises for 15 reps back to back. Rest 2 min and repeat for 7 sets. I also like to add 5-10lbs each round till I physically can’t do the exercise. After all 7 sets are done i walk uphill on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Do weight you can do for 15 reps, and do a cardio pace that challenges but isn’t too aggressive for you.

Day1) Bench Press
            Barbbell Military Press
            Barbbell Squats

Day2) Barbell curls
            Skull crushers

Day3) Seated Row
            Leg press
            Dumbbell Incline chest

Day4) Battle Ropes
            Bosu Burpees

Day) Pull ups
          Barbbell Shrugs

This is 5 weeks of one utility day. You can mix and match power and shaping moves that you need work on. Always remeber we all have a body part that doesn’t excite us to do. But the bottom line is they have to be done. Like hiding vegetables in meatloaf for kids, “hide” less favorite exercises within a group of exercises you don’t mind. I guarantee you will see change quicker than going through the same ole routine every week.



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