Unless you live under a rock everyone has heard of or used a TRX system. Most gyms have them and even more do complete classes just using the system. Ive been using TRX for about 7 years and it has become an invaluable peice of equipment in my gym.

What it is.


TRX is simply heavy duty canvas straps with two handles and is anchored to a cross bar. The idea is that you can train at any level and get an optimal workout. All you use is your body weight and by adjusting your feet you can add or decrease the amount of body weight you are using. It is great for begginers and essential for serious athletes of any kind.

Joining The Craze


As I mentioned almost every gym uses this system, or at least use it at some level. They also make a home edition that sets up and is ready to use in seconds. If you travel it fits right in your suitcase. Set it up in any room with a door and you are never missing a workout due to business travel again. If you are looking to buy a peice of equipment for home training this is it. Its light weight, compact, relatively cheap, and most of all it gets you results. I highly recommend this product for anyone. Find a new way to have fun with fitness, easy enough for kids to use strong enough for any size adult. Get serious about your health and TRX is a great step in the right direction.



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