As a father of a 10 year old, I know the importance of getting her outside and moving around even if its for an hour or so. This generation is consumed with tech gadgets, loads of homework, and of course the oh so important social time with friends. These kids are not like we used to be, outside at dawn back in the house at dusk. Thats what we did, thats what everyone did. If you did sit in the house all day its cause you were hurt or sick.

The Big Picture


We are a society of both parents working, long days, sometimes nights with little or no time for ourselves. Myself included. Gym class is 25 minutes long and always being threatened to be cut due to the costs of running schools. So whats happening to our children? They are being labeled with childhood obesity, unfit, and sometimes lazy. Really?? Dont get me wrong there are a lot of lazy kids out there, (specially with chores..) but all the blame for our kids being unhealthy I believe is solely on us the parents, teachers, town and state government and anyone who falls short of making a valid effort. During election years one of the focus points is always child obesity. Mrs. Obama was pushing her “lets move” kids exercise program for months. Then as soon as elections are over everything gets swept under the rug and you dont hear about any of it again. Leaving the kids in the same place as they started.  So looking at the big picture it is up to us to help out kids stay healthy,  fit and active and here’s a few ways to do it.

Get Them Up, Get Them Out


I tell all my clients and my daughter any movement is better than no movement. My daughrer has been around fitness since she was a baby, so she knows fitness (whether she does it is a whole different convo) never the less  she is in the gym lifting with dad. Here are a few ideas to get the kids up and moving around for at least an hr a day with the whole family.

1) frisbee
2) play catch
3) ride your bikes
4) play tag
5) backyard football
6) take the kids to the gym
7) there is always yard work…..
8) set up an obstacle course
9) family yoga
10) have everyone walk/walk the dog.

Kids really just need a push,  they will try and act like they don’t want to join in but fun is addicting, and soon they will be getting you to play more. Spending time with your family and getting everyone moving is a great way to spend quality time. Like every fitness routine getting started is tough but once you get the family moving the fun and fitness will make you all grow closer as a unit. And that my friend is the best outcome you could ever want as a parent.



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