Everyday we make the conscious decision to eat healthier. Count calories, fat , sodium, well you know the list. In such a quick paced life we all have many things that need to get done in a day. And more times than not cooking doesn’t fit into the day. Our lifestyles have pushed us to find healthier, quicker choices. And every marketing director at every food company has found an angle to exploit and prosper from this “healthy/quick” society we’ve become. I want to talk about food or foods that claims to be good healthy foods that aren’t very good for you at all. We spend the money, we make companies wealthy, we choose their products, its a wonder why you cant get a good honest product. Or at least the product companies claim to be selling to consumers.



Now I can’t lie I do eat a bowl from time to time. One of those “protein” cereals, mainly out of pure laziness to cook. We all eat it but in the back of your mind you know its sugar, preservatives, and mystery elements in a box. Claiming to strip inches off you with just one bowl a day. Whole wheat, all natural it’s all the same. Processed puffs, flakes, crispies that have more chemicals than vitamins.

(The better choice)
Rolled oats, steel oats, grits. You add the fruit, you add the nuts. It takes minutes to make and it has what your body needs without all the junk.



Where do you begin with this one? The market is flooded with bars for every person on the planet. High protein, gluten free, lactose free, raw, vegan I am overwhelmed with the options there are avaliable. But they all have the same characteristics. They are no good. Low fat means high sugar or artificial sweetner. Low calorie means chemicals you can’t pronounce. Preservatives and dyes, it’s too much. There are a handful of bars that aren’t all bad. Read the label if it has more than 10 ingredients it’s a candy bar with a clever wrapper.

(the better choice)
Make your own, we make protein bars and cookies with all natural ingredients. A bar that is EXACTLY what you need it to be.



This product is eaten by many people living a vegan, vegetarian lifestyle. Its a soy based product that is used to replace meat proteins. This is probably one of the most misunderstood foods out there. It is a highly processed food much like deli meat. Filled with preservatives and fillers and stuff you can’t pronounce without a Websters. Here are a few cleaner alternatives.

(the better choice)
Soy based Tempe, honestly I like this better than tofu. I did try to make it and its quite the process. Finding one that has limited ingredients shouldn’t be too hard. Lentils, hemp, Quinoa, are other plant based high protein foods as well.



A turkey sandwich or lean ham wrap seems like a healthy choice for a meal, right? But most deli meats use very low-quality (mechanically separated, yum!) pieces of meat that would be inedible without all the sodium, sugar and preservatives added. They are also loaded with known cancer-causing agents like caramel coloring and nitrates.

(the better choice)
Grill or roast your own meats. Slice and enjoy. The quality is unmatched by any brand of deli meat. It’s cheaper, better, and how you like it. Thats a no brainer to me.

Nothing beats home cooked food. If you have to eat quick, read labels. I’ll leave it with this, anyone who has ever dieted for a show knows, processed food of any kind is not allowed. Why do you think that is?…….


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