Well its Monday again, coming out of the weekend with the fall weather looming in the air. And the fall means football, football and more football. And with football comes food, friends and drinks. Now even us with rock solid disipline have hiccups from time to time. Here is a guide to proper meal cheating.

Cheat Meal


Now this is a big misconception with people who don’t fully understand how the body works. Adding another 500-1000 cal to your body will actually help your body metabolize and burn fat with very high efficiency.  When you are eating with no mistakes all week your body is getting the bare minimum to support muscle growth and burn fat. So on that glorious day when you can add a cheat meal you body has won the lottery. Adding all the calories, fat and carbs will literally take your body into overdrive. And I am no different, with a show coming up in Nov timing and eating is essential. But a well placed cheat meal is just what the Dr ordered.

(This is me after 3 slices of pizza & 6 wings) yummy!!




Huge difference. Dont turn all the hard work you’ve done all week into a fat fest. Having one meal is more than enough, having a cheat day will set you back, waaay back. Know your body, know how to place your cheat meal in during the week and then leave it alone till next week. Bodybuilders and fitness pros have been doing this for decades its no secret. But doing it properly is the key to success. So when the weekend comes and you feel the need for junk food have at it, and let your bbq stained lips smile from ear to ear. THEN THROW IT ALL AWAY!. If its there on Monday you will eat it. Take away the temptation its not worth the added stress.


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