Fitness the lifelong climb up a very steep hill that will never get easier. Cause as you know, when it gets easy we have to make it harder to move forward. As an NPC Men’s Physique Competitor I know this drill all to well. Fitness will and should challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally and I will tell you why. Mental toughness is mandatory if you want to achieve anything, point blank. Physically your body must perform at a level and frequency it is not used to. And emotionally well that speaks for itself. We all have jobs, kids, responsibilities that pull us away from our duties. Emotionally challenging us to do or not do what needs to be done.

The Breakdown


90% of people involved in a fitness program really have no idea how fitness happens. They read a little, ask friends opinions or what they hear on tv or the Internet and that’s how people get their fitness education. Gonna let you in on a secret, most of what you hear and read is BS. Fads, diets, exercises, equipment and the list goes on are designed to make money not help you. Even Personal Trainers will steer you in the wrong direction to get you to stay with them. (Not all trainers, but a lot). Anyone who has achieved fitness has become a student of the game, pays attention to their body and pushes themselves harder than ever before. And most importantly doesn’t fall for too many gimmicks or lies. Hard work gets you fit, not a 2 week cleanse or fad diet.



Being a Trainer for more than 12 years I’ve pretty much heard it all. My body is different, my thyroid, my back, I’ve tried everything and can’t lose weight, and the list is endless. We all have something wrong with us, there aren’t many people alive that don’t live with some sort of ailment or disability. What I have found is people with real issues seem to push passed them and work harder to get what needs to be done, done. People with smaller or simple issues tend to use it as an excuse. And let’s face it the only one who loses is you. We see people with major issues or disabilities climb mountains, or the 65+ woman who just swam from Cuba to the U.S, people doing amazing things with 1/2 the God given ability most of us have. So the next time you “can’t” do something, think of the people who “shouldn’t” be able to do things, but somehow find a way.

The Reward


There is no better feeling than accomplishing a goal, lifting a heavier weight, running another minute, or simply stepping on the scale and its in the negative. There is no better feeling of self worth and satisfaction that your efforts are paying off. We control our destiny, we decide if we have the heart to do a task and we accept failure as a stepping stone for success. Treat fitness with respect and it WILL respect you back. And if you choose to be one of the those people who blame everyone else, the process, or yourself, kindly step aside. I can almost guarantee someone with heart, ambition and grit is trying to get to the weight rack.



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