So you just left the gym body is shaking, sweaty and you can feel the tightness already. You get home sit down and now its starting to set in. The postworkout soreness. Now today is easy to deal with, it’s tomorrow and the next day that will be a challenge. DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Science really hasn’t proven why this is, but the second and third day are brutal after an aggressive training session.

Embrace the pain


I tell all my clients love the soreness, embrace it, make it your friend. When you are sore its your body repairing torn muscle fiber. And if you’re sore that means you did something good. Its when you’re not sore you should be concerned of how hard you didn’t work at the gym. For me when my legs are on fire and I can barely get around I know my body is metabolizing at such a high rate I can feel the fat melting off me. And once you stop whining and start loving being sore, your fitness will reach new levels.

How to deal


Again soreness is your body repairing torn fibers so being a whimp won’t get you any further than being a whimp in the gym. Remember we love sore! There really isn’t a secret remedy to relieve soreness but here’s a few things fitness pros suggest. First, don’t be a baby. Second, stay mobile don’t be sedentary for long periods of time. Eat protein. Protein is the muscle’s building blocks so the more you take in the faster your body will repair itself. And last but not least, go to the gym as planned. NEVER call out sick from the gym because your sore, exercise will help loosen you up. And I guarantee once you start moving around your body will definitely feel better. Soreness is part of the process, the sooner you become one with it the sooner you will develop a strength many shy away from. Step up or step aside, which one are you gonna do?



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