Going to the gym is the best time of the day. It takes all the focus off our day to day lives and puts it all on the metal, machines, and our bodies. Although going to the gym is a sacred place its sometimes hard to motivate yourself and go it alone. How many times have you debated with yourself about going to the gym? After a long day, or the struggle to get up early and get it done.

Partner up


The solutions to a lot of your dedication issues is find a partner. Now a partner is someone who will push you not pull you away. A good partner will be the driving force when your get up and go, got up and went. Someone who knows you, is a compliment to your fitness regiment. You also need to be a solid partner, pushing them to do more than they would do on their own. A solid partnership is almost a business agreement. And the agreement is simple; I will always be there unless its something seriously wrong, I will pay attention when we train, I will be a responsible spotter, and last but not least I will not hate on your progress or sabotage your progress in any way.

Picking a partner


This is a very big deal, picking a good fitness partner is nothing short of finding a mate. You need to find someone of like ability. Don’t select someone who barely exercises, or someone who is your friend that you just want to spend more time with. And worst of all don’t select someone you don’t get along with. You will see this person everyday if not every other day. If you can’t stand them now, you will hate them if they do better than you, constantly critiqueing your form or just irritating the hell out of you with talking or complaining. Again this is a big decision that could make or break your fitness goals. Find a good partner, find your fitness potential.



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