Enough already with the 7min Workout!


Ok let’s talk about the elephant in the room; this idea of the 7-minute workout is starting to really get under my skin. I mean for the love of Kane are we getting that lazy, busy and overweight that we are reducing ourselves to a 7-minute workout?!  I’ve watched the videos, seen the coverage on ABC and the New York Times and to be honest it’s sad. We did a piece on gimmicks a few weeks back, dealing with America’s obsession with what doesn’t work. This is probably one of the worst programs out there.  

What it is 


This workout tells us we can achieve optimal fitness in 7 minutes. 7 minutes!! All body weight exercises with a chair as the only equipment. This system claims to tone, sculpt and burn fat as efficient as a standard gym routine. According to those selling this idea, 7 minutes is all it takes to go from flab to fab. It claims there is scientific research behind this concept and data that proves its theory. If you read the fine print you’ll be pretty surprised what it says.  

My Opinion  

Living my life in a gym and spending hours maintaining a healthy body leads me to believe this is the king of gimmicks with a genius marketing scheme. There is no doubt any exercise is better than no exercise. Getting your body moving and heart rate up is good for all of us. But to what level is enough, enough? Researchers have been saying for years if you’re going to do cardio, 25-minutes is the minimum. This is due to the fact that it takes your body 20-minutes to get up to temperature to start burning fat. So tell me how much fat are you burning in 7 minutes, HIIT training is another method that works to burn fat but the intensity level and VO max is very high. I can almost guarantee the 7 minutes of body weight exercises being touted as the 7-minute workout isn’t equivalent to HIIT. So tell me how much is really getting done.  

The Truth  


7 minutes will not get you a hard, tight body as it claims. I will go on record and say the inventor and the people demonstrating have trained in gyms to get the body they have. If it only took 7minutes everyone in the universe would be ripped and a fitness model, unfortunately that isn’t the case. Again, any exercise is better than none. But the promise that 7 minutes will get you fit and toned is B.S. I’ve been training for 25+ years and I still have work to do. And I train 5 days a week for 45 minutes to an hour. So if you’re thinking about doing the 7-minute workout, by all means fire it up. Fire it up for 2 weeks to get your body ready for REAL exercise and REAL results. At the gym.


3 thoughts on “Enough already with the 7min Workout!

  1. It might work…

    well it might…

    If you did it 4 times a day as a break from sitting at a desk all day and in addition to doing lots of other cardio + strength training etc…

    ok…that isn’t the point is it…

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