Six pack abs, many want them, few have them and it seems to take forever to get them. The abs are the focus point of the body, weak abs usually transcends to weak back and other core based issues. Let’s face it, if it were as easy as the infomercials say we would all have fantastic bellies. We have been misled, lied to and totally bamboozled by TV and print; with a few specific exercises and hello six pack. Unfortunately, its not like that at all. There are steps that need to take place, weight to be lost and then maybe, just maybe you will have an inkling of a six pack. Being overweight and doing relentless crunches and sit ups thinking your abs will just appear, is like getting hired at an entry level position and asking HR where you go to be the CEO…..its not gonna happen.

Steps to a flat stomach

No one wants to hear it, but abs are built in the kitchen. You must first lose the weight that covers the abdominal muscles, then and only then will you be able to properly train, condition and see your abs. At about 12-15% body fat you can see a blueprint of what your abs could be, until that point there shouldn’t be any definition at all.


And if there is you are a special person…. Eating clean, weight training, and moderate cardio will strip the fat away and begin to give you a platforn to work with. Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you, point blank. Once you have lost weight, are feeling and looking good, you can start training your midsection properly. Well, now that you’re ready we’ll show you how to do it.

Training abs


Training abs is like any other muscle group you must come at it from all different angles. Before you go out and buy the ab rocker, ab rocket or the electrode stimulator slow down and take a breath. None of those pieces of equipment work, that’s why they are on TV at 3am. Starting with the basics is your best bet. Build a solid foundation, then you can venture out and get crazy. This is what I would recommend as a starting point. The abs have 4 sections upper, middle, lower and sides. No need to get all fancy with anatomy terms. So what we need to do is hit each quadrant directly with simple moves that won’t cause injury.

Crunches: I tell clients to cross their arms across their chest. This will make sure you don’t pull on your head and neck. And these will work upper and upper middle.

Laying leg lifts: I like to tuck my hands in the small of my back for these. It gives you stability plus angles your hips up slightly to make the movement a bit more efficient. Laying flat on the floor legs straight out, raise your legs to a 90 degree angle and back down without touching the floor. Or legs out straight and lift them off the ground 6 inches or so and hold for 20 seconds, rest and repeat. This will work the lower and lower middle


Laying elbow to knee: this is done laying down touching opposite elbow to opposite knee. Twist your upper body slightly to meet your knee in the middle of your body. This will work the sides of your abs completing all four sections.

Now, this is a basic ab routine to get you going. I could sit here and write down 50+ exercises to do, but at this point it won’t help you. Build a foundation, be consistent then start incorporating different moves in your routine. If your a begginer this is the best way and in no time at all you will have the slim, sexy midsection you want and deserve



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