Many people are using powders that you mix with water and take about half an hour before you work out to get an edge. They’re essentially performance-enhancing substances that, as of now, aren’t regulated by the FDA. Pre-workout supplements offer energy and endurance while working out. With ingredients that are nearly unpronounceable. They have been around for a long time and when used properly will give you a definite edge in tye gym.


They all tend to have the same thing. One is beta alanine, which is great for dilation of blood vessels, and dilation is great for when you exercise; because it gives you great aerobic capacity. It brings blood through the heart quicker. The other one is alpha keto-glutarate a vasodilator. It’s helps you really get pumped up. And even though I cant pronounce it, I still like it…. Another main ingredient in these supplements is caffeine. Some of these products have as much caffeine as three cups of coffee, and some products out there have enough caffeine for 20 cups of coffee. Too much caffeine can lead to heart issues, difficulty sleeping and risk of stroke. However, the most controversial ingredient in some is 1-3 dimethylamylamine or DMAA. 1-3 dimethylamylamine is essentially like Adderall or Ritalin in a legalized form,The supplement is available over the count still. It was banned by the government to be used in the military, and some professional groups do test for this as a legal substance. What it does: It helps you with focusing and energy.


I use a preworkout every trip to the gym, but then again like most fitness people and athletes we are creatures of habit. I do the same routine getting ready for the gym and have been for 20+ years. Some call it obsessive, i call prerequisites. And really the only thing thats changed is the preworkouts. Started with a large ice coffee, then into the ephedra days (WOW), then the pill form synthetics and now powder and pre made drinks. I am solid on reading directions and following warning labels on any supplements especially fat burners and preworkouts. There was this stuff called Ultimate Orange Punch years ago, one scoop and there wasnt enough weight or cardio machines that could contain you. It was beastmode, I mean this stuff was fire. Huge warning on the back DO NOT exceed 2 scoops in a 24 hr time frame. So what happens HS and college athletes where taking 2-3 scoops before tryouts and practices to get an edge. Needless to say the only thing they got was a ride to the hospital or dead. That was the end of that, heavy regulations started, ephedra was getting banned and people were dying. Preworkouts are more regulated now than ever before but still not approved by the FDA or very few are. So always take supplement with caution.


I believe properly usung preworkouts will def give you a stronger session at the gym. When looking for a product for you, make sure it has the elements you need. If your trying to gain muscle maybe a product with creatine or a mass building element. If your trying to burn fat and be “leaner” go with a product that has more fat burning elements to it. Read labels and ask questions. With any supplement google it, research and reviews, ultimately its going in your body learning how it wotks and what it does is never a bad thing


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