A muscle group which a lot of guys spend hours upon hours working on is the chest. Day-in and day-out people go to the gym, jump on the bench, and press until their heart is content. It’s not uncommon to see people simply doing flat bench presses for chest along with some fly movements. To build an overall strong and well developed chest you need to do more than just a flat bench press. You need to hit the chest from different angles and stimulate and break down those fibers to see some growth. This article will show you some tips and workouts for building perfect pecs. Let’s first talk a little about the chest and the musculature so you can fully understand how the chest works. Every one guy that steps into a gym the very first exercise they do is some sort of chest press. Throwing as many plates as they can handle and press for the ceiling. The problem is 85% of people train chest wrong and can’t understand why the pecs aren’t growing. Here’s five mistakes people make training chest.

# 1 over training, more is not better when it comes to weight training. Muscle tears and overloading happens in the gym, growth and size happen from rest and diet.

#2 Not working the whole chest, doing flat bench will not develop a monster chest. You need to hit all areas to be affective. Upper, lower, middle, flyes, dips and push ups to flush with blood.

#3 Shoulder stress, you will ruin your AC joint if you dont use proper movements or weight you can’t handle. Too many guys suffer from shoulder injuries that could have been avoided all together

#4 Compound moves first, this is a no brainer don’t do flyes or pecdeck first then try to be super strong in bench press. Always do power moves first, shaping moves after.

#5 Lack of knowledge, just cause you read Flex magazine doesn’t make you a meat head. Any bodybuilder or fitness freak has done the research on how the body works, and how to improve the body.

There are too many training methods to name, do they all work? No! So reading and weeding through the junk will save you time. Less injury and less mistakes. Chest has its own day being Monday, (national chest day) because everyone wants to be the strongest for chest day. Its a very prominent muscle and lets face it, it’s pretty much the focus of your body. So what do you do to create a solid well rounded chest? First let’s learn how to bench press. Lying on a bench squeezing your shoulders blades together giving yourself a solid platform to push, slight arch in your lower back and your feet on the floor. Grip should be about shoulder width apart making sure you don’t hold your breath. Unrack and bring it to your chest or about a space the size of a fist away from your chest. Push straight up keeping those shoulders back and repeat. Here is a workout tried and tested give it a try and watch your chest grow.

Flat bench bar/dumbell 5 sets 6-10 reps
Incline bench bar/dumbell 5sets 6-10 reps
Decline bench bar/ dumbbell 4sets 6-10 reps
Cable flyes (high pulley)
Push ups 3sets of 15-20

Try this out if your struggling with chest training. Do bar for 6 weeks then switch to dumbbells. The difference being bar and dumbbells hit muscles differently so doing one without the other is not a very good idea. Knowledge, persistence and heavy weight will have you kicking dirt on someone at the beach in no time. Instead of sitting alone cause your girl left with someone who knows how to work out.



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