Fads…Americas Obsession with What Doesn’t Work

Suzanne Somers promised you’d “squeeze your way to shapely hips and thighs.” Richard Simmons promised to make you “Sweat off the pounds.” A few years ago Kim Kardashian was seen using the new Kangaroo Jumps . . . certainly they must work then and soon clubs were running classes. Now we have Piloxing, Barre, and Pound. Look everyone thought acid wash jeans and jelly shoes were all the rage at one time too. But looking back . . . they should’ve been avoided. The same is true with all these new gimmicks. Now, as far as I know no one ever got hurt from wearing acid wash, but they sure looked stupid. But with some of these fitness gimmicks you may not be so lucky. For example, a few years back balance fitness was “the thing to do” that would give you an intense core workout. Everyone went out and bought Bosu Balls and balance boards. But now studies show that working out on solid ground is better for you and more effective and efficient at burning calories and getting results.

I’ll be honest. I haven’t tried Piloxing, Barre or Pound yet. But I have been watching clips on YouTube of each of these phenomenons. And honestly Barre is squats. Pound is aerobics with sticks. And Piloxing, well that somehow combines the aggressive sport of boxing with the peaceful stretching world of Pilates. I don’t know. I’m not sold. And you shouldn’t be either.

We’re all in search for that magic bullet. That secret pill. The one thing that is going to help us reach our fitness and health goals. Companies and fitness experts know what it will take, but it isn’t sexy and it sure won’t make them any more money. So instead of selling what does work, they change up the gimmick every so often, to feed your hopes and to take your money. Well I know the secret. It’s just no one wants to hear it. Look it took you years to put on the weight and get out of shape. It’s not going away by doing a few squeezes on the blue and red foam covered torture machine sold by the name Thigh Master. And you’re certainly not going to pound away those pounds any faster by holding 1 pound sticks in your hands. The truth is. . .it’s not easy. It’s hard. It’s work. And it takes determination. Put away the gimmicks. Save your money.

I’m not saying there won’t be some success with these trends. Certainly, if it gets you up off the couch and moving, your body is going to better for it. You’ll likely enjoy a Zumba class. You may even keep going back, which means you are burning calories. I am saying; don’t expect it to be the magic it’s advertised as. Tried and true methods, combining weight training, eating properly, and cardio is the equation for success. That’s it. That’s the secret. Now stop wasting your money and time. Forget complicated exercises where you lift a stick, twist your body, and move your feet all at once. Know that old school fitness is what works; squats, jumping jacks, lunges, pushups, and weights. Think of this, when you see a photo of a person in ridiculous shape, they aren’t wearing “Shape Up Shoes” on their feet or wearing a flex ab belt around their waist. They are likely holding a weight in their hand because that’s how they got there. I hear body weight moves may be making a comeback in the fitness world. This is a good thing, but it won’t stick around long. Someone will have to put their own spin on it to get you in to their class. Ignore it. This is the one time you don’t need to be trendy. Stick with what works. You’ll be sexier for it.



5 thoughts on “Fads…Americas Obsession with What Doesn’t Work

  1. Great title, and so true. Though, wouldn’t call the Thighmaster and Richard Simmons fads that didn’t work… it’s the intention behind the latest “fad” that counts. I recently visited a Richard Simmons aerobics class (so fun!)… he is 65 and going strong! Sometimes, it helps spice things up for those who don’t enjoy the discipline of it.

  2. you are right 🙂 there are no magic exercises, or quick fixes..just hard work!
    on the other hand I do do an activity that involves holding sticks, moving your feet and twisting (sort of) it is called Morris dancing 🙂 but the stick are 3ft long and heavy and the dance is done in great big boots and coats covered in tatters…which is why we have to do lots of other non-fad exercise in the mean time to allow it to happen…
    Also…Philoxing??? how can that be right? I have never heard of it…I don’t think it has hit the UK yet!

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