Ahhh the gym, the wonder world of people of all sizes shapes and colors.  All there to get fit, for many different reasons, it’s a job to keep track. One reason always stands out from the rest . . . meeting and dating better people than you have in the past. Single, more fit, higher self esteem, add a toothbrush and some deodorant… on! Here’s the problem, you spend a lot of time at the gym.  Usually a few people, sharing the same time slot as you, catch your eye and the gym crush begins. But gym dating? Sounds ugly just saying it. Being around gyms for most of my life I know a handful of couples that met at the gym, stayed together, married, all that stuff. Most, however, date, stop dating, gossip, spend an awkward month at the gym, resume and repeat. The cons of gym dating are many and you risk ruining your gym time. There are a lot of great single people at the gym.  On paper, it doesn’t really make sense why it wouldn’t be a good dating resource.   What the gym is good for is working on talking, flirting, and being comfortable speaking with a person(s) you might be nervous around in other settings, like a bar or lounge. Building your confidence, from how you look to how you present yourself, will definitely spike the attention meter. I know plenty of people who can be social in a gym setting, but in public it’s like talking to rain man. If you can talk to someone at the gym half naked, sweaty all sexied up you should be able to do the same anytime anywhere.   So, dating at the gym isn’t really ever a good idea, there is always the rare exception. But there are plenty of sexy people outside the gym that might have been outside your comfort zone before but now with your new confidence you might now be out of theirs. Talk to people, be comfortable with yourself, and work your butt off to better the next day. Keep gym friends, friends and find sexy people outside the gym to date. That way win, lose or draw the gym will always be a safe haven from drama. And that alone is priceless.  


One thought on “DATING AT THE GYM, YES? NO?

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