Welcome to the free weight area ladies!!


  Attention Ladies!  You have as much a right to the gym as the men.  Why is it that at any gym I go to the ladies can be found working hard on the cardio equipment, but hardly ever where the free weights or dumbbells are?  Cardio is very important, but if that is all you are doing, you are missing out on the significant changes to your body that lifting/resistance training will make.  And when I say significant change, I’m not talking about getting all bulky and huge.     Perhaps, this is the number one reason I hear from women as to why they don’t lift.  They don’t want to become “too big.”  The idea that picking up a dumbbell is going to make you look like Schwarzenegger is a misconception.  The cardio will help you burn fat, but without some muscle under there you will still feel soft and flabby.  Weight training gives women those sleek sexy figures, tight glutes, and flat stomachs.  Not to mention, the more muscle the more calories you burn all day long.   Still need a reason to venture off that treadmill, how about this?  Too much cardio increases Cortisol production in your body.  Cortisol is a powerful hormone that is produced in large quantities when the body is under stress (emotional and physical).  Cortisol triggers the body to break down muscle and store more fat. Yikes!     Maybe you feel intimidated by the men hovering over in the machines and racks of dumbbells.  Don’t!  Most of those guys are really nice and are willing to move over and share when a lady enters the area.  They even tend to clean up their act a little.     Not sure what you should do over in this unchartered territory?  No fear, most gyms have trainers on staff and/or employees at the desk that are more than willing to show you around.  Ask them to explain what muscle groups the machines are good for or ask for some tips.  Knowing how to use the machines with good form is very important, so ask. Any good gym is going to want to help you.   A happy customer who is seeing results is a member for life!   Come on ladies!  Get off that treadmill and join us in the free weight area.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the free weight area ladies!!

  1. haha…as a regular (female) user of the free weights area I have to say I think your gym is different to mine! I have to run the gauntlet of glares! Possibly this is because I am still at the start of my get fit campaign and I don’t look like I “should be” doing weigh training in some people’s stereotypical minds… which is of course rubbish because without weight training my shape will not change the way I want it to!
    It is nice to read that there are at least some people out there who think it is a good place for us to go.

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