Who Brought the cool guy


We have all seen it, that person at the gym who thinks they are the only one in the place. Yelling, using 2 machines and 4 sets of dumbbells, carrying on like they’re prepping for the Olympia. All while lifting what a HS freshman lifts in gym class. Gym etiquette seems to be slipping these days in every gym including the “judgment free” gyms. Am I the only one who has respect for other people at the gym? Using one machine steadily not for 1.5 hrs? Wiping down a bench I sweat on. Saying hello to someone you see everyday for most of the year. Am I the idiot? We are becoming robotic and self centered, lost in an illusion of importance and narcissism. Don’t get me wrong, fitness is a very narcissistic sport always trying to look and be better, but there is no reason to be a richardhead about it. We all want to be noticed, maybe an occasional compliment, but being “that guy/girl” at the gym will get you nothing but stereotyped and dismissed by the respectful people in the gym. I know people watch me when I train and instead of ice grilling them I say hello. Most will do the same followed by a question or comment. Most people are insecure at the gym to begin with so being “that guy” could potentially ruin the confidence of a gym goer caught in your wake of nonsense. So the next time you go to the gym and someone is being the cool guy, call him or her out!! You pay the same membership they do, and if they were that important or that deep into training, 9 out of 10 times they would be training at some elite gym where being a richardhead is allowed, mainly because everyone in the place is a richardhead. Say hello to people at the gym.  Take your plates off the machines.  Help people that struggle. WIPE your sweat!! Simple etiquette will go a long way. And if you are in shape more people will be more inclined to comment on the nice guy/girl at the gym with the polite manner and great body.  


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